August 12, 2012

Return To Stoneman Mountain

I fell in love with Stoneman Mountain while there last year and definitely had to get there again this year. It was as gorgeous as I remember. And holy crap, this time I saw deer! A doe and a buck crossed the road, started stripping off Fireweed flowers, and then walked on into the forest. I don't think I breathed the entire time.

Stoneman is approx. 5000 feet at it’s peak, about an hours drive on a couple pretty rough forest service logging roads so a 4x4 is a must. It could be done in a car about halfway and that would still make for seeing some glorious mountains and valleys and views.

Set out about 10 a.m. on a beautiful sunny day, stopped every 3 feet ( almost ) and took photos, got home just as the thunder, lightening and rain gong show began. Honestly, that in itself was almost as exciting and beautiful as Stoneman!

This felt amazingly terrific, it was a sweltering day. But only for a is glacier water and gave my feet a headache! 


  1. Oh my. What an absolutely gorgeous place. I love it.... :)

    1. truly is a gorgeous place, always a pleasure for me to share the beauty!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day on Stoneman beautiful! Love the deer, the bright colours in the wild berry photo, your tender tootsies in the water and the mountains, of course.
    Did you ever think of getting in to photography? You seem to have a knack for capturing those perfect moments. Not everyone has that.
    So glad you could watch the deer grazing. Breath taking.
    We were camping in the woods once and a lovely doe crept up in the shadows and quietly stood just outside the perimeter of our fire. It was almost like she was enjoying our company and the warmth. My brother-in-law teased me and said "You are probably thinking of making her a sandwich." He knows how I love animals. I said, "As a matter of fact, I was going to give her a banana." Well, I did toss her gently a peeled banana and was delighted when she took it and quietly munched it as she looked into the fire with her beautiful shiny eyes. I think Rob was blown away!

    1. Wow must have been blown away about the deer!!

      About getting into photography...I take my camera EVERYWHERE. I probably take about 20-30 photos a day. I am constantly reading and learning about the many different aspects of photography. But in this age of digital everything, thank gawd for the delete button. Thanks for your kind comments, but with this much beauty surrounding me it's hard NOT to get some good pics! :)

      I can't stop thinking about your deer experience, so cool!

  3. Wow awesome pictures. I not ever seen nice pictures like this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, that doe is forever seared in my heart. Her gracious, unquestioning acceptance of my gift (the banana) was so touching. What was she doing there? Don't know... doesn't matter... she was a welcome visitor to our campfire that night.
    Glad to hear you have your camera always with you. If nothing else, it makes for a great hobby. You are so right about the benefits of the delete button. But sometimes in a dozen or so shots, a great picture appears; just as you captured many special moments from your sunny trip.
    Your pictures of Stoneman mnt. were so vivid, I felt like I made the journey there, too.


  5. What a lovely place! You did have a good shots! All natural..Keep posting for more photos!

  6. Speachless view, and landscape..i love nature..


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