December 09, 2011

Grandma’s Excellent Adventure

Yesterday I made the long and tortuous journey into Vancouver, to visit with my most favorite people in the world, Kelly, Sumeet and Logan.

And because he makes my heart go wild when I see/think of him I’ve decided that Logan’s newest middle name is Be Still My Heart.

Between Sumeet leaving for work and Kelly coming home from work I had FUNFUNFUN with Logan! We listened to cheesy Christmas tunes, we read some Christmas Carols and stories, we walked around and around the apartment where we got stuck at some point by the table. On the table was a baby food cookbook, and on the cover of the book is the adorable face of a happy baby. Logan was mesmerized by that face. He spoke the language that only other babies can possibly understand….baby gibberish.

Which reminded me of a story that Sumeet had told me before she left for work. She was standing in a line-up with Logan in his carrier…in front of them was a baby approximately Logan’s age. Logan made full eye contact and began speaking to the other baby. What do they say to each other? What is the thought process? I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Once Sumeet left and it was beyond obvious that Logan had no intentions of falling asleep I set him down and we took some photos. Cheesy Christmas photos…I love them!





By the end of all the mind tiring fascination with all the beaded garlands and large plastic Christmas balls, and the strange red hat he was exhausted, as was evident by this last photo.


I absolutely cherished my first foray into grandbaby-sitting. More please!


  1. Okay, that first one (of the feet) and the last one (of tired out Logan in the Santa hat) are the Cutest Non-Dog Pictures Ever!

    Move over, Ticket, Watcher and Henry - you've been upstaged!

  2. he is so cute, love the pictures

  3. Aww thanks guys!

    Jean, the dogs have definitely been upstaged! :))

  4. So is he decorating the tree? Or is HE the Christmas tree?
    Adorable. I like the tired one.

  5. I have no clue...but what I do know is that he's the present under the tree every day. :)

  6. Pretty valuable Present, I'd say:)

  7. Just saying hello. Here from Texas


  8. So adorable! I am so happy you cherished all the good moments with your grandson...


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