January 08, 2013

…and the heavens wept.

Bawled their eyes out is more like it.

This absolutely gorgeous spot below is where we daily lay down our carbon footprints

Beautiful Hope B.C.

Quite lovely, right? Stunning vistas no matter which way you look, that’s very true.

Unless the heavens are bawling it’s eyes out. Like yesterday.

Then the view is this


It was a day of 44 quadrillion MPH winds coming from all directions, buckets and buckets of rain never stopped dumping.

It. Was. Horrible.

At one point I thought that it had switched from a torrential rain storm to hail…looked outside and saw a dream nightmare


There was soooo much rain even my most adaptable West Coast dog Watcher was unable to get into a walk. We went about 100 yards and he dragged both our wet ass’s back home.

Apparently we have a couple more days of wet stuff


oh stop snivelling…because sunshine on Thursday!

What a whiner.

As you can probably tell, I am donedonedone with this rain and wet. And unless the snow intends to stick around and be all fluffy and stuff, then it too can fuck right off.

I do appreciate it for the loveliness and beauty it brings.


But I long to see these babies renew themselves.



  1. Hey You're back! I thought your blog had gone to blog heaven - or blog rainbow bridge or whatever.

    Buck up, spring will soon be here. Or you can move to the island - I can't get over how different the climate is in my little town - we've had a bit of rain, but I walk the dogs twice a day and there's only been a handful of days this winter (so far) that I've had to walk them in rain, and only twice in downpours. And my neighbour tells me her crocuses are up!

  2. Yes I'm back! It actually did go to blog heaven for a bit...but I pumped life back into it. :)

    I think this winter was the first time ever, that I dreaded it coming and now wish it gone.

    Your neighbors crocuses are up? I am boggled with that...it's all grey and wet and wet and wet here. :)

  3. It's April and the weather hasn't changed. Just came for a short mini-vacation and found lots of rain and a bit of wind. Even so, really enjoyed my visit to Hope. I'll be back soon, hopefully with sunny skies. - Margy


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